Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Active Directory Forestry

If you're not familiar with Active Directory, you're probably wondering as to what kind of tree Active Directory tree, and if you are familiar with Active Directory, you know exactly what kind of tree Active Directory is (; correct, its an inverted hierarchical tree.)

And no its not your regular real-life tree, but rather a relationship tree of (instances of) objects each of which happen to store meaningful data and happened to be either a parent or a child, although it can afely be said that all parents were also children once.

Alright, let this not confuse you further - this is basically a non-techie's blog on a techie subject, and thus the arcane approach, partly meant to vex you and partly to amuse you, but mostly to share and educate!

Now that I've sown the sapling, over time, we'll see this tree grow!

Happy shoveling,