Friday, June 11, 2010

Its all about Forests and Trees

You can't have Active Directory without having a forest, and where's there's a forest, there will be trees! If you're into forestry, you know that the fewer trees the better, for it takes some real hardword to maintain a forest, given how many elements it is exposed to, and how much change its little branches goes through everyday.

With the right approach, some patience, and the right toosl however, you can certainly take good care of it, and as long as the sun keeps shinig, it'll continue to stay evergreen!

More later...

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  1. Hello Ben,

    In my experience as an IT analyst, I have found that while many organizations use Active Directory so extensively, most of them don't seem to be aware of the various Active Directory Risks that exist today, and how these risks impact Active Directory Security. This is concerning because Active Directory is so widely deployed today and I worry that it may be vulnerable, whether to Kerberos-to-NTLM downgrade attacks, or other kinds of attacks such as Active Directory Privilege Escalation which it seems could be launched by insiders as well.

    Best wishes,